Neck handle applicator bottled oil, bottle water

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Neck handle applicator for bottled oil and bottled water, from 3L to 12L bottles.

This machine is designed domestically and fills the gap in this field in China. Increased production efficiency and saved manpower and material resources. Provides strong support for your cost savings. This machine is made of aluminum alloy and high-strength, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and imported electrical components, making the machine durable and easy to operate. The ring speed can reach 800-6000BPH.

Handle applicator mainly composed of a lifting system, a rotate sorting equipment, an output system, a pressing system, and an electric control system.

This part consists of hopper, lifting chain, motor, discharge port and body frame. The worker puts the handles into the hopper, and then the motor drives the lifting chain to lifte handle rings onto the rotate sorting equipment. The quantity of lifting is controlled by the photoelectric switch in the sorting equipment.

This equipment includes bracket, guardrail, rotating disc and exit. The handle ring coming out of the ejector discharge port falls into the rotating disk, and output through the exit in a certain direction by the rotation of the rotating disk. The unit can automatically reject the ring when the deformation is raised or the stuck ring appears.

The conveying belt of this part is installed on the conveying bracket. The conveying belt is driven forward by the conveying motor. When the handle ring comes out from the sorting equipment and falls onto the conveyor belt, it is forwarded to the handle ring pressing station. At the exit, it is blocked by the inlet clamp and stops for waiting for the bottle to pass by. The conveyor belt is running all the time, ensuring that the handle ring is pulled away by bottle one time and the next one is replenished in time. This part is equipped with a missing ring control photoelectric switch and a full-loop control photoelectric switch. The missing ring control photoelectric switch is to ensure that the bottle cannot pass under the condition of lacking of handle ring, so as to avoid the bottle not being pressed with the handle ring. The full-loop control photoelectric switch is when the number of handle rings reaches a certain level, the sorting machine temporarily stops outputting the handle ring to avoid squeezing the rings on the conveyor belt.

This system is responsible for pressing the ring pulled by the bottle onto the bottle neck. The handle ring conveyed by the conveying belt stays at the exit of the guiding rail. When the bottle conveying belt conveys the bottle, the handle ring pulled by the bottle and move along forward with the conveyor. Besing pressed to the specified position of bottle neck through the pressing slide.


  • Using a unique rotating sorting system for handle ring, low noise and fast speed.
  • This machine can automatically remove the jamming phenomenon caused by the deformation of the handle ring to ensure smooth output;
  • This machine can work with edible oil, beverage and water production lines, and the connection is simple;
  • PLC control, touch screen operation, simple and convenient;
  • It can be adapted to different bottle types and different lifting handle rings with simple adjustment;

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