On line cap sterilizer,cap rinsing machine,cap washer for bottled water filling line

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The cap sterilizing system installed outside of aseptic room, caps sorting with sorter and feeding into the sterilizing process. After rinsing with detergent, pure water, and drip dry, feeding into capping system along with sealed dropping guide rail.

Normally sterilizing process includes 3 steps, washing with detergent, washing with pure water and dripping dry process. Tailored design for sterilizing process would be available as per customer’s special requirement.

There is a sensor on the sorting system, when caps quantity reduces to a setting extent. The sensor will work and start feeding machine to feed more caps. Vibrating board working with vibrating motor to drop caps into air tube, and blow it with wind turbine into capping position.

Capping dropping speed can be regulated by adjusting dropping hole with insert plate.


Machine consist 

  • Detergent storage tank (SUS304)
  • Detergent recycle pump
  • Pure water pump
  • Cap conveyor, sterilizing guiding rail and sealed guiding rail

Main feature

  • High-efficiency centrifugal cap feeding method, the cap wear is small.
  • There is a cap detection mechanism, and the cap signal is used to control the opening and closing of the cap hoist.
  • The cap of the cap of the cap is provided with a mechanism for preventing the reverse cap from passing through and the reverse cap.
  • The empty cap adopts the online continuous disinfectant spray method on the conveying and disinfecting guide rails. The angle design of the nozzle ensures that the disinfectant is sprayed to various points inside the cap. The sterile empty cap is then rinsed with sterile water spray.
  • Processing time ≥ 20s.
  • In the capping machine section of the filling machine, the device for preventing the reverse cap from entering the cap distribution plate is installed, and the cap rail can complete the function of smooth closing of the wet cap.
  • Disinfectant storage tank has high and low liquid level detection and automatic refilling function.

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