Bottle Unscrambler

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Brief Introduction:

ABU series automatic bottle unscrambler adapts world advanced technology, designed and developed basing on international trend of high speed and man free automation operation.

Bottle unscrambling machine is equipped with cylinder with adjustable feet at the bottom for changing machine’s height and level flexibly. In which, there is a rotating cylinder structure; And outside of cylinder, there is a dropping bottle slot, which have the same amount as the outside lifter. Among the machine center, there is a fixed umbrella shape hopper.
When short of bottle, signal will send from lifter, bottle will drop onto hopper from top of the machine. With the action of cam, the lifter pushes bottle into bottle slot. Bottles rotate along with slot to the exit of unscrambler and enter into air conveyer with a star wheel, then enter into filler for filling process.


  • Main motor reducing device adopts torque limit institutions, to prevent any damage to the machine.
  • The bottle unscrambler has no bottle detector, when there short of bottles, detector will send work signal to the elevator, the elevator will supply bottle automatically.  
  • Adopt bottle neck gripping air conveyor, to prevent bottle turnover in conveying.
  • Air conveyor has photoelectric switch, which control the start-stop of bottle unscrambler.
  • The bottle unscrambler has bottles jam detector, if bottle jam, it will give alarm and stop automatically.
  • Equipped with maintenance door and mold changing door.
  • Pneumatic circuit adopt international brand components.