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This pallet loading system specially designed for loading 5 gallon bottles onto pallets, it can be used in mass production of bottle stacking on pallet, or other bottle packaging, and connected with bottle filling line directly, which controlled with PLC controlling system, and operated with touch screen control panel, very convenient in operation, management and maintenance. With this kind of pallet bottle stacker, it will greatly reduce labors and working intensity, also greatly increase working efficiency and cut down the production cost.
•Transmitting deceleration system: NRV deceleration motor, with servomotor control
•Electricity control system: Mitsubishi programmable controller (PLC) control, touch screen operating with CNC positioning
•Bottle lifting system: CNC multi-speed reduction/ accelerating operation, with servo motor driving.
•Pneumatic control system: AIRTAC cylinder and electromagnetic valve, PLC controlling system
•Operation security system: Photo-electric detective sensor to test and assure moving units to reach right positions.
•Bottle feed in: Self gravity sliding trail, self detective operation.
•Bottle gripper: 4 sets of pneumatic bottle lifting grippers
•Bottle lifting: pneumatic gripping lifter, lifting 4 pcs of bottles every time
•Bottle stacking: 4 x 4 laying, Max 3 layers, stacking controlled with touch screen.
•Bottle feed out: both sides available to move stacking bottles out
•Body material: A3 steel material with white painting
•Air pressure: 0.5-0.7Mpa
•Air consumption: 1000 bottles/hour 0.2M3/MIN
•Lifting speed option: 2 meters/high, 1meter/medium, 0.2 meter/low
•Working position: 4 lifting grippers, laying 4 times per layer, up to 3 layers for movement.

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  • Specification:

    Input watt: 4.5kw
    Bottle spec.: 270x490x56(diameter) mm
                       230x460x56(diameter) mm
    Bottle volume: 5 or 3 gallons 
    Cap spec.: 58(diameter)x40mm
    Bottle stacking capacity: 300-1200 bottles/hour 
    Dimensions: 1,900x2,000x2,000mm
    G.W.: 600kg
    N.W.: 500kg

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