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This SLFW series film shrinking wrapping machine including auto tidy & shrinking system, and the automatic wrapping, cutting system. It is a fully automatically performance, from automatically bottle conveying, bottle feeding, film wrapping, film cutting and bottles shrinking.
Usually PE or PVC plastic film will be used for this packaging machine.
Customer’s requirement is our always priority, Steplead provides linear type or L type machine models flexibly to meet different customer’s requirements.
Only international famous suppliers are choosen for electric parts, including but not limit to SICK, NORGEN, MISUBISHI and so on. 
•Conveyor feeding system: bottles enter into feeding conveyor, with adjustable separated bars bottles are guiding and separated into groups; when bottles arrive right position, conveyor stop running.
•Pushing system: Once the bottles arrive in pushing position, pushing cylinders will synchronously push bottles to the wrapping, cutting position.
•Film cutting and wrapping system: On the wrapping position, bottles are held firmly with pressing device to avoid bottle turnover, after pushing system draws back, film wrapping cylinder and film cutting cylinder start to work synchronously, complete film wrapping and cutting processing.
•Film shrinking system: When bottles are wrapped with film, heating oven starts to shrink film over the bottles.
•Cooling system: After bottles shrinking with film, bottles group will be cooling down by cooling device at the end of the tunnel.

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