Bottle Reverse Sterilizer

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DM Model Bottle Reverse Sterilizing system is a convey used to invert, sterilize, and convey the bottles after bottle conveying out from the fruit juice or hot tea bottle beverage filling machine.
The sterilizing time is flexible controlled by user by adjusting the hand wheel of the reducer to change the speed of the convey belt.
It could reverse bottles upside down (glass bottle or PET bottle), which have been filled and sealed, to sterilize inside of bottle neck and caps with high temperature soft drink inside the bottle.
Chain conveyor overturns finished bottles from upright to horizon when sterilizing cap and bottle neck. And the conveyor transfers bottles back into the cooling tunnel.
Top grade of conveying chain is used for this sterilizing system, more stable and endurable in performance, no breaking bottles. Speed of conveying system is infinitely variable.