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The RO water filtration system adopts the most advanced reverse osmosis purification technique to purifying water in the water treatment production, which can generate less than 5us/cm conductivity than the national standard GB17323-1998. 
The water filtration system adopts imported U.S. HYDRANAUTICS or DOW RO membranes, the desalination rate of up to 98% and the recovery up to 50-75%. The filtration system effectively remove all kinds of bacterias, toxic heavy metals, radionuclide, organic micro-pollutants, and the removal degree can reach 99.99%, 95%, 99%, and 95%, filtered water tasted more sweet and delicious. The removal of the toxic and hazardous substances from raw water source, a lof of toxicological indicators, such as trihalomethanes, carbon tetrachloride, benzene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, phenols, ead, mercury, beryllium, chromium, cadmium, uranium, thallium, and other radionuclide in the detection limit list.
Application scale
Food and bottle beverage filling and packaging industries, Pharmaceutical industry, Chemical treatment industry, chrome plating industry, water treatment industry etc.
Filtration capacity
•Adopting SS304 material with unique design structure, easy for cleaning process and convenient maintenance, optional with ozone generating system and blending system, and water storage tanks for raw water and pure water.
•High quality DOW or HYDRANAUTICS RO filtration membranes with very low pressure and desalinization ration up to 98% at least.
•Automatic detecting conductance digital display more easier for monitoring water quality.
•Multi mediums pretreatment filtration membranes increases the ability of water treatment effect.
•Adopts high efficient active carbon membranes which can effectively remove chlorine from raw water, successfully protect RO membrane, and regulate the taste of water product.
•Safe and trustable electrical device structure, filter will automatically stop to protect the whole system when there is open circuit, short circuit or electricity leakage happen.
•Smart circuit design, the filtration system will automatically stop working when the water level is too high or too low.
•RO membranes adopts automatic or manual back flushing ability, which can prolong RO membrane service life. Fully automatic back flushing function processed with monitoring system, UV sterilizer and the Ozone generating system.

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