UV light sterilizer

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UV light sterilizers for water treatment system is the most environmental friendly, effective, safety and economical physical way to kill all kinds of bacteria, viruses, without adding any chemicals elements, so after sterilizing it would no generate any possible harmful material for human body and environment. The UV sterilizer is high recommended and popular adopting in all the drinking water and wastewater water treatment systems, which will effectively help to further sterilize water, and greatly improve the quality of drinking water.
UV light Sterilizing device is suggested to be used in bellow industries: the electronics industry working with ultra-pure water system; water sterilization with medicine, food, beverage, chemical, cosmetics and many other water treatment industries; water sterilization in production of high purity drink water, mineral water, mountain spring water etc; also popular in sterilization of water supply system for hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and many other public places.
•Machine body: Stainless steel SUS304 and SUS316.
•UV lamp: Low pressure amalgam high intensity UV lamp. Preheating technique will greatly extend the lamp service life. 254nm wavelength, more than 12000 hours in service.
•Quartz Sleeve & Seal Rings: High transmittance more than 92%. Protection grade: IP68; Thickness of tube:1.5mm;
•Electrical components: Housing: SUS304 stainless steel; with voltmeter, timer, leakage protection system, error alert device; ballast, automatic UV Intensity detector;
•Automatic cleaning system: Driven by compressed air, which can be regulated by user: once/1~500 hours, the cleaning ring is with UV resistant Teflon and Viton rubber coating.

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