ozone generator

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Ozone gas generating system is a popular appliance for water treatment industry, waster water recycling industry, food production industry, and pharmaceutical manufacturing industry etc.
Such ozone gas generator also widely used in chemical oxidation production, health care service providing, waterworks construction, sterilization process for hospital, factory, residential communities, and swimming pool as well.
Moreover, you can find them easily besides the well, water storing reservoir, water storage tank, animal husbandry, refrigerated warehouse, landscape water for water sterilization, exhaust gas processing, ozonation processing, and air sterilization processing.
•ozone gas with its strong killing and inhibiting ability, it can absorb the fruits respiration discharge ethylene gas, for food, fruits and vegetables, because it has excellent performance for mildew and preservation;
•Increase the indoor oxygen concentration, enhance the activation of human cells, improve the blood circulation and the new metabolism action, which greatly stopping the occurrence of disease.
•Ozone removing terrible smell, excellent performance ability, it can quickly and effectively remove odor, smoke, dust and other terrible smell caused by organic and inorganic substances.
•ozone can sterilize bacteria, bacillus, fungi and viruses and all pathogenic microorganisms, the indoor air and object surface to achieve the desired disinfection and sterilization effect of removing odor;

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