Water softener

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Water softener consists of multiple valve system, controlling unit, resin tank, brine tank etc, and the multiple valve system mainly composed of many auto hydraulic valve (air or electric). According to pre treatment system, controller gives command to each auto valve, to indicate the on-off of paths, completing each operation process and regeneration.

Widely used in industry, civil water treatment, like boiler water supplying, heat supplying, water supply of air conditioner system and high quality domestic water usage purpose, etc.


Multiple valve system features with flexible operation system, and easy control. Regeneration way is optional for downstream, or counter flow, especially multiple valve control avoids the valve's small caliber (<3"), and the high flow only can adopts the multi-tank. With 4" auto valve controlling, the single pot processing water which adopting multi-valve system, can reach over 50t/h.

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