Bottle capping machine

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To achieve perfect cap sealing result, this automatic bottle capping sealing machine adopts innovative capping sealing technology, with high cap sealing speed and man free automation operation performance.
The capping machine is with unique design technique, intelligent PLC control with mechanical torque, very convenient in operation, maintenance. Operator only needs to load caps into the cap hopper, the caps will be automatically sorted and loaded up with ladder into the capping machine. Cap dropping on the jar’s neck perfectly, and sealing with 3 sets of sealing systems for perfect cap sealing.
This cap sealing machine can be used in individual capping production, and also cable to connect with complete filling packaging production line. It’s very popular in food, pharmacy, daily chemical, agricultural chemical, and cosmetic industries.
This capping machine includes conveyor, cap hopper, bottle separator, bottle clamper, bottle sealer etc.
1. Conveyor system
The conveyor system adopts steps-less motor driving structure, chain plate structure, endurable for long service life, convenient for cleaning.
2.Cap hopper including cap ladder & sorter, dropping rail, & presser.
•Cap ladder & sorter:
Driving with step-less motor, and equipped with photo-electronic detector on the top of dropping rail, when caps full, ladder will stop automatically; on the bottom of dropping rail, there is also a detector, which will work when there is no caps, the bottle feeding system also will stop feeding bottles automatically. With these two sets of detectors, it will always keep caps and bottles feeding synchronously.
•Dropping rail device: for sleeve caps to the bottles automatically.
•Cap presser: pressing caps while cap sealing to assure the reliability of capping.
3. Cap separator: use to regulate the distance between bottles, which is installed on the entrance of conveyor system.
4. Bottle clamping system: it would require the bottles clamping tight during sealing process. The bottle clamping system equipped with rubber layer, which has good suitability for different bottles diameters. In the whole sealing area, the cap clamper will hold bottles tightly to make sure cap sleeve and sealing smoothly.
5. Cap sealer/cap turner: