1,200BPH automatic blow molder for 5L, 6L oil bottle, mineral water bottle.

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The BMA-A25 automatic blow molding machine is a two-step down-blowing type automatic blow molding machine from our factory. From one cavity to four cavities, the largest volume is 5L or 6L. it is a multi-functional automatic blowing equipment capable of blowing 300 ml to 6 liters. It is suitable for the packaging of edible oil bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles and large-diameter bottles of any shape made of PET plastic

Uses CAD-CAM design molds, full anti-corrosion treatment, high-precision machining by CNC machine tools, to achieve smooth line capacity, consistent dimensions and design drawings after processing, and free design mold size drawings.

- The conveyor belt transports the preform from the hopper to the trainer, and the preforms are automatically arranged in sequence via the billet slide.

- The gripper takes the preform onto the revolution slider.

- The compacting device ensures that the feeding is reliable, transports the preform, and reduces the breaking down of machine caused by the preform jam.

The control system is the heart of the BMA-A25 automatic bottle blower. High-tech human-computer interaction control panel, light touch screen (optional), accurate control, simple parameter setting, clear numerical display, ideal memory storage capability.

The pneumatic dynamic system powers the operation of the BMA-A25. It uses world-renowned brand power components, like Festo in Germany, or Airtac in Taiwan to ensure high quality. These high-quality power components have specially-manufactured high-pressure valves, which have high motion accuracy, long service life, and stable performance. As the manufacturers of these famous brands of power components have outlets all over the world, customers can easily enjoy the after-sales service of related components locally.

BMA-A25 employs high quality imported sensing & switching systems including proximity switches, photoelectric switches, and electromagnetic switches. In order to ensure the orderly progress of the production process also avoid possible damage to the machine.

BMA-A25 uses infrared heating mode. Its superior thermal radiation and thermal penetration capabilities allow the machine to reach the required temperature during high-speed operation. The infrared lamps are distributed in three heating zones, with independent voltage adjustment modules and computer control systems, which can provide ideal heating effects for different types of preforms. The horizontal position of each infrared lamp can be adjusted to increase the flexibility of the machine.

The BMA-A25 uses a four-mode clamping device. In addition, there is a specially designed high-pressure assisted clamping device that provides a strong clamping force.

BMA-A25 automatic blow molding machine specially designed preform conveying system. The flip manipulator loads the preform into the preform chain holder, heats it, and then the manipulator puts the heated preform onto the blowing system. After blowing, the bottle was demolded by a flipper.
Or install a bottle connection mechanism at the blowing system, connect with the air slide conveyor, and directly transport the molded container to the filling system.

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    Max Volume


    Max Neck Diameter


    Max Container Diameter


    Max Container Height



    2 cavities


    900-1200BPH x 6L

    Clamping force


    Heating Power


    Max Heating Power


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