Auto bottle blower for bottle with pre insert handle

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The BMH-A5 automatic blow molding machine is fully automatic blower for PET bottle with handle from 2L to 5L, which developed by our company using advanced bottle making technology. The machine has the characteristics of automation, high intelligence, stable and reliable machine performance, simple structure, high production efficiency, low energy consumption, and no pollution from intermediate links. It is widely used in the production of food, beverage, cosmetics and medical containers.



  • Human machine interface control, easy to operate
  • Automatic embryo, upper embryo
  • Hopper bucket
  • Automatically discharging embryos is stable and reliable, and automatically controls the embryo according to the stock of the material.
  • Good sealing, no pollution
  • Heating system is perfect
  • The revolution and the rotation system are stable
  • When the preform warms up, it is evenly heated and easy to blow.
  • Less energy consumption, the heating temperature of each section of the embryo can be adjusted as needed
  • Infrared lamp in the oven can be equipped with a circulating air cooling system
  • Warming light box adopts automatic mutual feedback and closed-loop adjustment system, which can automatically and consistently output with constant power, which is not affected by voltage fluctuations.
  • Adopt advanced PLC control system, man-machine interface touch screen, stable performance and quick response;
  • Microcomputer control system with an accuracy of 0.01 seconds.
  • The finished product rejection rate is less than 0.1%
  • The infrared lamp is used for heating, the penetrating power is strong, the preform is rotated and heated, the track is revolved, the heating is uniform, fast and reliable;
  • Only one person is required for production operation. Adjustment, replacement and maintenance are quick and easy.
  • Fully adopt humanized design, use the latest control program, and adopt digital automatic control original in the electric control system to make the adjustment operation more convenient and applicable.
  • The clamping mechanism adopts the double-bend composite hinge combined with the buffer cylinder, which has large clamping force, stable operation, sensitive and reliable action, and completely eliminates the phenomenon of rising mode.
  • Adopt four-point synchronous mold adjustment mechanism to make the mold adjustment easy and precise.
  • In the design and manufacturing process, the new concept of environmental protection and energy conservation is always implemented, and the high-efficiency silencer is used to evacuate the discarded silencer after work, which greatly reduces noise and improves the environmental sanitation of the production site.
  • Adopt modular design and strong applicability. According to the processing property of plastics and the processing technology of the products, it can be equipped with aluminum oven, infrared oven, or corresponding pull-blow parts. This model is suitable for PET/PC/PP/PS/PMMA and other plastic polyester blowing. A variety of hollow products.
  • This model adopts manual and automatic conversion circuit control for easy adjustment and production. The automatic control adopts multi-point adjustment circuit, which can adjust the action time of clamping, stretching and blowing, and maximize the product forming effect and product qualification rate.
  • Stable high and low pressure gas circuit system to meet the needs of different air pressures for action and blowing;
  • Cold air circulation and water cooling circulation system ensure that the preform is heated evenly and the bottle mouth is not deformed;
  • Adopt international famous electronic and pneumatic components to ensure the stability and longevity of the machine;
  • Adopt the world first-class CAD/CAM/CAE technology to improve qualities and develop the new products.
  • Have ISO9001 and CE international quality certification to assure our high quality products.
  • Over 20 years in blowing molding machine and tooling industry.
  • Exported our products to Japan, Europe, South & North America, Southeast and Middle-east of Asia, over 100 countries and areas.
  • Machine is adopted the most advanced and market trend-leading technology, facilitating customer holding the most superior competition position.
  • The use of advanced microcomputer control system, stable performance;
  • The conveyor automatically sends preforms;
  • The use of infrared lamp heating, penetrating power, preform rotation, heating, chain revolution, heating evenly, fast and reliable;
  • The width and height of the lamps and reflectors in the heating zone can be adjusted to suit the heating of preforms of different structures, and there is an automatic temperature-removal device to ensure the constant temperature of the drying tunnel;
  • Each mechanical movement has a safety self-locking device. When a certain process fails, the program will automatically switch to a safe state.
  • Each action is driven by the cylinder, does not use the oil pump, has no pollution, low noise and other advantages;
  • The air circuit design divides the action and air blowing into two parts to meet the requirements of different pressures for blowing bottles and movements;
  • High-pressure and double-cylinder linkage locking, strong clamping force;
  • There are manual and automatic methods of operation;
  • The safe and reliable valve position design makes the air pipelineclearer;
  • The production process is fully automated, with the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, easy operation, simple maintenance, and safety;
  • Keep bottle bodyaway from pollution
  • Cooling system achieves ideal cooling effect
  • Installation, start simple
  • Bottle rejection rate is less than 0.3%



The preform fetcher, preform feeder, bottle fetcher, and the bottles line up are all automatically completed by the robot to avoid intermediate pollution.

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