PET 5 Gallon Blow Molder

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PET bottle blowing molding machine are especially used to blow 11L ~ 20L PET bottles
•High efficiency with affordable investment.
•Small machine dimension and compact construction.
•Convenient operation, good for one person operation.
•Energy saved, and endurable service life, adopting new double crank four bars to lock mould, the cross fixed. 
•Machine is adopted the most innovative and market trend-leading high technology, enable customer to take the most superior competition position.
•Adopt the world famous CAD/CAM/CAE technology to improve qualities and develop the new machines.
•Have ISO9001 international quality certification to assure our high quality machines.
•Over 20 years experience in production of blowing molding machine and tools.
•Exported our products to Japan, Europe, South & North America, Southeast and Middle-east of Asia, over 100 countries and areas.
PET Bottle Blow Molding Machine Operation
(1) PET Preform preheating
Manually load preform onto the holder of heating oven. The holder carries the preform into oven heating channels where PET preforms will be heated under setting temperature. After that, a rotary PET prefrom holder will convey the heated preforms out from channel.
(2) loading preform
Manually take out the heated preform and put them into the blowing moulds carefully.
(3) Pre-blowing with stretching inside the blow molds.
(4) shaping with high air pressure by pressing two startup buttons at the same tine, the machine starts automatic mold blowing process. The bottle would be shaping with high air pressure.
(5) Take out the finished bottle
Take a ready bottle out from the PET blow molder.
(6) Take out the finished bottle
Feed another PET preform into the rotary holder of reheating oven and start another bottle blow moulding cycle.

Additional Info

  • Specification:

    Input watt: 11kw
    Bottle spec.: 270x490x56(diameter) mm
                       230x460x56(diameter) mm

    Bottle volume: 5 or 3 gallons 
    Capacity: 90 bottles/hour
    Dimensions: 12,000x1,100x2,100mm
    Blowing machine: 2,300x840x2,150mm
    Preform heater: 2,800x770x1,750 mm
    G.W.: 1,700kg
    N.W.: 1,600kg

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