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Hot melt glue OPP labeling machine is suitable for OPP material labeling, it is easy to operate, and convenient to change the mould. It is directed to high-end customers at home and abroad. Features: 1. It applies to a row of paste volume, the use of local means glue, glue consumption of small, low running costs. 2. Due to the design of high-precision processing requirements of strict and meticulous assembly, so that the stability of the machine running, and production capacity can reach 30,000 bottles / hour. 3. Marked station is the heart of the aircraft, designed to complete the standard trademarks station transmission constant tension; trademarks automatic correction; labeling speed (revolution speed of the machine and the speed of rotation of the synthetic bottle speed) internal matching; not send bottles marked function; glue function is not scale-free; bottle labeling before and after the replacement of the normal type; Model OPP-200 Suction drum label attached to the number of sheets 2 3 4 Label Length (mm) 240-418 165-324 78-242 Container diameter (∮) 72-150 62-125 30-114 Capacity (BPM) 150 - 300 BPM Label Height 25 - 205 mm Label Material PAPER, PP, BOPP, PVC, PE, ETC Container Material PE, PET, Glass Bottle, Aluminum POP Can, Tin Can Power 308 VOLTS, 3 PHASE, 50-60 Hz, 9 -12 Kw Gas consumption 340 - 450 L/min (5-6 Kg/Cm²) Weight 1500 Kg Equipment size (L x W x H)mm 1300 × 1800 × 1400 We, Steplead International Co. Ltd, is the leading manufacturer in designing and manufacturing water filling machine, hot filling machine, carbonated soft drink filling machine, and other liquid filling machine in mainland China. We also manufacture PET bottle blowing machine, water filter, labeling machine, injection molding machine, water dispensers (water coolers), ice maker and fireworks sparklers making machines. Steplead, ISO 9001:2000-certified enterprise, covers total area of 10, 000 square meters, equipped with 5 production lines. We provide one-stop technical service, including water plant layout design, installation, debugging, commissioning and maintenance. We can provide the technical training for clients. When the equipment gets something wrong, our technicians will provide solutions within several hours. Besides, if necessary, we can dispatch the technician to solve the problems on spot. Our big product range including: 5 GALLON WATER FILLING MACHINE PLANT RO Water Filtration Film Shirink Wrapping Machine Injection Molding Machine for Preforms & Caps Blow Moulding for 5 Gallon PET Bottle Extrusion Blow Moulding for PC Bottle Bottle Cap Remover Bottle Leakage Checker Outside Bottle Washer Inside Bottle Washer Bottle Loader for 5 Gallon Bottle 5 Gallon Water Bottling Machine Bottle Sealer for Water Bottling Machine Bottle Lifter Bottle Rack Loading Machine/Rack Loading System Bottle Pallet Stacker 0.2-2 LITER WATER BOTTLING MACHINE PLANT Water Treatment System Auto Bottle Unscrambler (3-in-1) Water Filling Machine Automatic Blow Molding Machine Sleeve Labeling Machine Injection Molding Machine Ink Jet Printer Film Shirink Wrapping Machine Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine JUICE/TEA HOT FILLING MACHINE PLANT Water Treatment System Syrup Preparation Line Auto Bottle Unscrambling Machine (3-in-1) Juice/Tea Hot Filling Machine Automatic Blow Molder Sleeve Bottle Labeler Preform Injection Moulder Code Printing Machine Film Shirink Wrapper Pallet Stretch Wrapper Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Bottle Warmer,Bottle Cooler CARBONATED SOFT DRINK FILLING MACHINE PLANT RO Water Purification System Syrup Preparation Line Auto Bottle Unscrambling Machine (3-in-1) Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine Automatic Bottle Blow Moulder Sleeve Bottle Labeling Machine Preform Injection Molder Inkjet Code Printer Film Shirink Wrapping Machine Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine Bottle Inverse Sterilizer Bottle Warmer,Bottle Cooler For more information about our products, please contact us as below: Email us by: Subscribe our youtube channel by: Call us by: Cel: (+86) 13670181318 Visiting us by: Shenhua Industry Zone, Shang Mei Lin, Futian District, Shenzhen, China . Visit our site by: Like us by Facebook: Follow us by Twitter: Google+: Blogger: ********************************************************

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